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The AusCCA has been set up as an informal umbrella organisation to enable enthusiasts of all Australian marques to exchange information, co-ordinate attendance at shows and provide a focal point for our passion for the all of the cars from ‘Down Under’.


The Holden U.K. Register is a long established - founded in 1988 - club for Holden owners, one of the few outside Australia and New Zealand, and is officially recognised by Holden Ltd. It caters for owners and enthusiasts of all Holden models, old and new, including the current Commodore GTS and GTS-Rs that have had such excellent press over recent years in mainstream car magazines. The HUKR publishes a bi-monthly journal, and aims to provide a wealth of information, technical help and expertise, and assistance with the sourcing of parts both in the UK and Australia.

The HUKR can be contacted through Guy Hardy

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Chrysler Australia

The Mopar Muscle Association is a widely known and well respected club within the U.K. and has always actively and warmly welcomed owners of Australian Chryslers. Many of these cars were imported new into the U.K. in the late sixties and early seventies and a surprising number are still around.

Any owners or enthusiasts are encouraged to contact

Matt Hollingsworth

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The Australian Ford Register UK can be contacted through their Registrar

Sandy Mercer

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This club caters for owners and fans of the cars from Holden Special Vehicles, quite a few of which have been imported into the U.K. and which have generated universally favourable comments from the U.K. motoring press.

Contact Paul at

Or visit their website at

and find out if you really ‘just want one’,

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