This is a page of links to various sites that cover many things to do with Australian Fords. They are grouped into differing categories, and the sites vary from comprehensive factual information to personal and club pages. We hope that you find something interesting in each one.

If any links are bad or if you know of any other sites that we can feature links to, then please contact us.

Information and history

An excellent site that has everything you ever wanted to know about Falcons, Fairlanes and LTDs through the years in one place. Packed with technical specifications.  

A great site for Fairlane and LTD info

Another site for Fairlane and LTDs.

Ford Australia’s own website for their new FPV division. As well as showcasing the latest road burners, there is a great heritage section featuring the cars of the past.

A site of GT facts and figures

A growing regsitery of XB GTs around the world

Jason’s GT Falcon site

Shane’s XB information site

Sundeep’s Ford Falcon GT Gallery

Everything you need to know about South African Fairmont GT’s

Ford Australia Historian

Adrian Ryan is Ford Australia’s official historian, and looks after the company’s Archives Centre. He has his own website here.

Parts and Restorations

A great site. Hundreds of parts for your Falcon, masses of information about the cars, old adverts, scanned brochures, facts, figures, cars for sale. This should be one of your first sites to visit.

Parts for sale, and some stunning restorations captured.


The Falcon GT Club of Australia.

An excellent club website, very active and informative discussion board and a great record of GT colour schemes.

Falcon GT Club of Western Australia

Falcon GT Club of New South Wales

Falcon GT Owner’s Club of Queensland

Falcon GT Club of SA

Falcon Cobra Car Club of Australia


GT forum covering all models

XA GT forum

Fairmont GT forum

ESP forum

Australian Fords forum

Exporters and car sourcing

If you want an Australian Ford, these companies can source you a car and ship it for you.


Or, you could find a car yourself.

Falcons in the U.S.A.

A great group of U.S. enthusiasts

Classic Fords in South Africa

Mad Max

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mad Max, ever.

 Build your own Mad Max replica car


Some of the nicest Australian car models

Somewhere to try for your models

Australia based Ford website and discussion board

A modern Falcon and Fairlane/LTD website

New Australian Falcons for sale in the U.K.

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