Some photos and information supplied by friends and site visitors from Australia

Lawrie in Australia sent us this wonderfully evocative photo of his XA Falcon coupe in colour code K, Wild Plum. Taken from the drivers seat of his XB ute, it is a classic study of the XA-XC coupes in all their glory, and demonstrates  that Mopar in the U.S.A. were not alone in offering bright and distinctive colour schemes for their cars. Great photo, thanks Lawrie.

Mike not only sent us some photos of his XC Cobra, but also his friend’s wild XY wagon with stout engine and GT ‘shaker’ scoop.


Alan sent us these photos of his May, 1993 Ford Falcon EB Series II. Factory original with its 4.0 litre inline fuel injected six cylinder engine, four speed automatic gearbox and four wheel disk brakes with ABS. Wheels are factory standard S-Pack 15inch alloy rims, and the paint is Charcoal with red piping.

We have not featured the E series Falcons which ran from March, 1988 to Sept, 1998 yet, but when we do, you will see that Alan’s car is a great example. Thanks for the photos.

Tony in South Australia sent us some photos of his XB Fairmont coupe, and a huge list of what has been done to the car.

She runs a 4 barrel 600 Holley carby. Custom headers into 2 1/2" twin system. That gives you around 300hp in to a C4 3 speed auto. The back end is a XY 9" diff with a power locker. 4 wheel disc brakes are standard. Rims are Cragars,rubber front Goodyear p215/60R15, rear p275/60R15 107s. New 3 core radiator,new 120amp alternator,new power steering pump,new wiring and switches for windows. All interior refitted. Steering wheel out of the XA.5" monster taco with shift light. Boss 1000 watt power amp runs Front 180watt JBL 3 ways. Back 300watt JBL 3 ways. And in the boot 300 watt amp runs a Boss 500 watt sub All from a Pioneer mp3 head unit with full graphics,with a 10 stacker cd unit.


Glen in New Zealand sent us this photo of his car, and an interesting description too. Thanks Glen.

I have the car for a few years now. It has had a hard life in the past. Originally starting out as an XT falcon, latter on in life someone had grafted on an XW front.

The car runs a recondition and slightly worked 351 Windsor, mild cam, Edelbrock performer inlet manifold, 600 Holley, extractors and a 2 1/2 inch single exhaust system. Backing the engine is a 3 speed FMX auto trans and finally a 2.75:1 9 inch diff. The wheels in the photo are Cragar's off a friends XY, but the car now runs 14x8 inch chrome 12 Slots with 245/50/14 Bridgestone eagers on the front and 265/50/14 Bridgestone's on the rear. The front has been lowered about 1 1/2 inches on new springs and the rear has 1 1/2 inch lowering blocks. There is also a hornet bonnet scoop added for good measure.

Despite it not being the tidiest car round it is great fun to drive.

The car has been off the road for a year or so now while I get round to doing a few jobs on it. That and getting a few other projects up and running - namely mk1 ford Capri's and mk2 escorts ( I just can't help myself) I have a real soft spot for classic British Fords.



John from Australia contacted us and reminded us about the XC Falcon/Fairmont GXL.

The GXL was the factory’s way getting around the general down on performance cars as the seventies wore on. Ford never built a GT based on the XC Falcon, but instead offered the GXL, which was in effect a GT, and the only XC model to offer the 35ici V8 as the standard engine. Everything else from the GT was kept in place, including the disk brake 9inch rear axle, and while horsepower was down from the heyday of the early seventies, the GXL carried the Ford performance flag, albeit in a more subtle, and, possibly, refined manner.

John’s car is factory correct and matching numbers, and has a factory sunroof. Of more interest is the engine, a stroked 387ci Cleveland with 2V heads, a single plane manifold and a Holley carburettor. Behind the engine a shift-kit fitted gearbox sends the output to a 4.11 rear gearset, resulting in a 12.15 second quartermile time. Impressive stuff.

ZC Fairlane

Rod sent us these photos of his ZC Fairlane in Australia. Great looking cars. Sadly, we have lost contact with the owner of the ZC listed on our members pages, and the car has been sold. Hopefully we will seen it again sometime.

XB Surfsider

You may remember mention of the Surfsider on the Utes and Vans page ? Kev from Australia got in touch with us with some information about and photos of his.

Owned by Kev for the past 18 years, only 100 were made, and it is estimated that only 7 of these are left. A 1974 model it is fitted with the 250ci pre-crossflow straight six cylinder engine - more of which later, 9 inch axle with limited slip differential and GT style tramp rods and single rail manual gearbox. Inside is decked out in blue, gold and black trim and is fitted with tv, cd, uhf, cb and four fans in the overhead console.

The engine features some extensive work by Ken Reid, including porting and polishing, a 22-66/66-22 cam and once featured these wild triple sidedraught Weber carburettors, until they were stolen.

These photos are from years ago, but the Sursider is at present stripped down for a rebuild. We look forward to seeing photos when it is finished.

Hardtops in Florida

Some great pictures from Chris in Florida of three of his four hardtops; a G.T, a Cobra and a replica of Allan Moffat’s 1974 Brut 33 Bathurst race car. Just like the front garden a lot of us would like to have !

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