Australian Ford Register UK

Welcome to the Australian Ford Register UK website.

This Register was set up to provide a focal point and information base for owners and interested supporters of vehicles from the Ford Motor Company of Australia who live in the U.K.

We hope that we can share our knowledge and pass on our enthusiasm for the cars and promote them within the U.K. classic car scene.

It is a little known fact that for many years Australian Fords were available through Ford U.K. and could be ordered and purchased from your local dealer providing an alternative top of the range model to the Zephyr or Granada. The result was that a fair number of these cars arrived on our shores brand new. Quite where they all are now remains a mystery and Ford Australia have little or no record of how many they supplied.

So, we would ask that if you have any information as to the whereabouts of any Australian Fords, whether now, or in the past, or even any that were just photographed at shows; or if you were a previous or original owner of one of the cars; or you are the current owner of a vehicle, please contact me, Sandy Mercer, with any information or photographs that we can share.

How the site works

This website has grown considerably since it started in 2003. What started off as a small site to keep U.K. owners of Australian Fords informed and involved has become quite a large gathering of information about Australian Fords, and more specifically, the Falcon. The accumulation of this information has only been possible through the generousity of a very large number of people from Australia, and throughout the world, who share a passion for these cars. To them I extend my heartfelt and sincerest thanks.

The growth of the site has resulted in the drop down boxes - on the upper left - acquiring somewhat of a life of their own.

The Cars - is a brief explanation of the various Falcons.

Members - features as many of the U.K. based Australian Fords as we have been able to discover or brought to our attention.

Bits and Pieces  Bits and Pieces 2 - are where the growth has really occurred and have turned into a large wealth of reference to do with the cars. I have tried my best to keep the contents page up to date and relevant, but there may be omissions or errors. I apologise for that, and can only suggest that working the way through the pages may be best. It was always my intention to make this section read like a book, hence there are no pop-ups, full size images, or videos. ‘Bits and Pieces’ may seem like a strange name to call it, but that is how it started out, and how it most probably will stay till the end.

We hope that you enjoy the website.