Forthcoming Events

For those of you thinking of a trip to Australia, why not combine it with this event. Click on the logo above for information.

Events 2004

American Auto Club International Summer Nationals, 18th-20th June, 2004

Members of the Register are planning to attend this event in as many numbers as possible.

The event takes place at Billing Aquadrome which is near Northampton, and the hope is that by gathering some cars together we can raise the profile of Australian Fords here in the U.K. And not just Fords, because under the banner of the Australian Car Clubs Association, we are also expecting some Holdens from the Holden U.K. Register and some Australian Chryslers, who are catered for in the Mopar Muscle Association, to attend also.

We are hoping to be able to have our own area for Australian cars at the show this year.

The AACI Summer Nats will be the biggest U.K. show for American cars and while many people think that Australian cars are just American versions with right hand drive, we hope that we can show them otherwise.

At present, the emphasis will be on the main show day, which is the Sunday, although everyone is welcome for the whole weekend, and we hope that anyone who views this site and has an Australian Ford can please join us. If you need any more information, please contact me.

More information on the event itself can be obtained from the AACI.

11th Mopar EuroNats, 30th and 31st July, 1st August  2004

This event is run in association with the Mopar Muscle Association and is the premier event for American muscle cars here in the U.K.

Held at Santa Pod dragstrip which is, like Billing, near Northampton, this weekend gives the old muscle cars a chance to flex their biceps on the drag strip. But it is not just for those who want to race their cars, the whole weekend is a laid back celebration of power and style and attracts particpants from all over Europe. Again, Sunday is the main day for those who just wish to show their cars, but we already know of a couple of AFRUK members who may be tempted to run their cars on the drag strip.

This has been a very successful event over the years. Here is a link to the eventís website.

Events 2003

Summer Nationals Show Report

The Bathurst Bash Show Report

Events 2004

Summer Nationals Show Report

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