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Mike in Australia sent us these photographs of the restored engine bay of his Cobra, number 357. Note the huge air conditioning compressor and the decals and data plates on the bulkhead. It is interesting to realise that the cars were painted Bold Blue first, and the Snow White colour was laid on top. Also note the red-orange rocker covers which were a sign of the 302ci Cleveland engine, or 4.9 in metric litres.

This is the engine bay from an Option 97, Bathurst Special, Cobra. These cars were all 351ci engined, and you can see the rocker covers are blue, similar to the rest of the engine block. Note the somewhat crude arrangement for cutting the hole in the bonnet, over which the reverse scoop was fitted. It was not a true air induction or ram air package on the factory Option 97 cars, but was another homologation feature to allow race teams to use cold air induction if they wanted.


Another interesting thing about the Cobras, and proof that they were built by humans, is the inconsistency of the width of the stripes. In the photo above, you can see that the outer edge of the stripes comes nowhere near the bumper slots for the jack.

Whereas, in the photo above, you can see that the stripes run out to the bumper slots.

There can also be stripe discrepancy at the rear.

Thanks to the following sites for Cobra information

50 Cobras at Ford Australia’s Headquarters to celebrate their 25th Anniversary, September, 2003.

Many thanks to Bruce who attended with his Cobra and took a deserved Second Place at the show for the photos of the Anniversary gathering.

Cobra attendees at the recent Australian Musclecar show included these two painted to represent the Cobra race cars of Allan Moffat and Colin Bond from the 1978 Bathurst race.

Thanks to Drew for the photos.

A four door ?

What if ? Maybe ? Perhaps ?

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