GT badges

GT badges

Here are some samples of the ‘GT’ badges used on the GT model Falcons over the years.


The XR GT badge mounted on the ‘C’ pillar.

And tail panel.

XR GT grille badge

XR GT engine badge on the front wing.


The XT GT badge as found on the ‘C’ pillar.

And on the front passenger side of the bonnet.

And the dramatic and intimidating badge on the front wing behind the wheel opening.


The XW introduced what may be called the ‘stripe’ wars, using applied tape stripes to differentiate the GT from lesser models, and frighten the competition.

They also introduced the Super Roo cartoon motif, shown here on the XW in its first design.

Stripes were available in several colours, including orange.

But good old diecast metal still abounded.

XW GT grille badge.

XW front wing.

And boot lid.

However, in an interesting departure, you could order your XW with a ‘stripe delete’ package if you were of more modest disposition.


The XY continued the ‘stripe’ theme, but of an altered design. The Super Roo was different also, more simplified.

Dependant on the car’s exterior colour, the stripes were available in several colours.




XY GT grille badge.

And boot lid.

The XY GT was also available as a ‘stripe delete’ car, but as the main side ‘GT’ motif was incorporated in the stripe, a unique set of badges were offered on these very rare cars.

A combination of the XW ‘351 High Performance’ and the revised XY ‘GT’ with the ‘G’ sweeping into the ‘T’ as seen on the grille. Note that, as in the XW, the ‘351’ paint infill is more orange than the red of the XY ‘GT’.

Here is an XY ‘stripe delete’ car. Not only does it have no stripes it is also Onyx Black, code B, a rare colour.

And what did Onyx Black look like with stripes ?


XA GT grille badge.

XA GT front wing.

XA GT boot four door.

XA GT hardtop rear panel.


The XB marked a return to tape on all badges except the grille.

XB GT grille badge.

XB GT front wing.

XB GT boot four door.

XB GT hardtop rear panel on a car with black paintouts.

And if silver paintouts were used on the car, the rear panel lettering was in black.


The EB GT had its badge incorporated with the rear reflectors.

Also, inside on the upper front portion of the passenger’s door there was this badge, showing the ‘GT’ and the build number.

And also on the engine cover, along with the Tickford ‘T’.


EL GT tail panel, below the passenger tail-lights.


The FPV - Ford Performance Vehicles - badge on the front wing.

BA GT boot

BA GT tape badge at bottom of rear doors.



BA GT-P boot badge.

And GT-P badge on rear door.

The GT Pursuit badge as fitted to the BA ute.

Many thanks to Dave Shaw and Drew Tootell of the Falcon GT Club of Australia who personally took many of the photographs of these badges for us.

The Super Roo



And let’s not forget that the stripe was reflective.

The Cobra

Fairmont GT

You may remember that XY Falcon GTs were shipped to and assembled in South Africa where they were known as Fairmont GTs’. Here is the boot badge for these cars.

But what about the Australian Super Roo symbol ? Simple. Delete it.

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