In the following Details pages we have taken the opportunity to show with photos and explain by text some the differences and strange anomalies that  affected Falcons when they were new, some of the features and options that they came with, and some of the more unusual aspects of the cars. Most of the information we have concerns the XA-XB-XC models. We hope that you find it of interest.

GT badges - here

Model changeover - XB to XC - here

Dashes - XA to XC - here

The standard dash - here

Landau - here

The Continental roof - here

Vinyl Roofs - here

Door handles - here

Tail lamps - here

Visor label - here

Glass - here

Underneath - here

Structure - here

Boot and petrol tank - here

Tramp rods - here

Thorn Red - here

Spoilers - here

Horn cars - here

Aunger wheels - here

Phase5 - here

Styling Influences - here

Grand Sports - here

Metric Gauges - here

Gauge oddities - here

Interceptor speedometer - here

Heater facia plates - here

Grand Sport Details - here

Defogger info - here

P5 LTD - here

Scoops and vents - here

Option 86 - here

GT Wheels - here

Sports road wheel - here

Bathurst Globe - here

The Volante wheel - here

Locking wheel nuts - here

The other XR8 - here

P6 LTD - here

The Superbird - here

Compliance plates - here

Export plates - here

351 Cleveland - here

Blocks - here

Heads - here

Rocker covers - here

Air cleaners - here

Carb - here

302 Cleveland - here

UK 302 Cleveland - here

Windsor engine - here

Sixes - here

More sixes - here

LPG - here

Rust - here

VIN stampings - here

Early VIN description - here

‘Standard’ Falcons - here

Literature - here

UK XB GT magazine tests - here

Some background on Aus Ford in the UK - here

A one owner XB GT in Australia - here

Fairlanes - here


South African ZC brochure - here

South African XW Fairmont brochure - here

The Scottish GT’s - here

The UK XA and XB GT’s - here

Corporate Colours - here

Allan Moffat Special - here

Dick Johnson Grand Prix - here

Brock Falcons - here

Stuff - engine bay markings - here

XW-XY petrol ring and cap - here

XW GT driving lamp brackets - here

XW-XY Super Fringe radio - here

XR GT transmission hump - here

XW GT speedo and tacho - here

U.K. XC front indicators - here

XB electric boot aerial - here

Celebration models - here

XB in detail - here

XA ute restoration - here

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