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American Auto Club International Summernationals 2004

Billing Aquadrome, Northampton

2004ís gathering of AFRUK took place at the AACI Summer Nationals on the 20th of June. After seemingly weeks of great weather, the forecast for the weekend took a turn for the worse, and combined with members having car trouble, illness and work interfering with fun, many thanks are due to those that came along and hopefully enjoyed the occasionally rain dampened show.

Nicís XB GT

Paulís XB Falcon

Mick and Marieís XY Fairmont

Kenís XB Falcon

Mattís XY Fairmont

Several things made the show worthwhile.

It was great to see the two U.K. supplied XY Fairmont wagons together. Once again Katie, Mattís sister brought his, but this time Matt was here and he found out that, before their car was registered in the Isle of Man and then re-registered with a different number on its return to the U.K, Mick and Marieís car was consequtively registered to one of the two that his father had owned back in the seventies.

Thanks to Ken for trailering his car to the show, and us finding that he had a wealth of knowledge about Australian cars here in the U.K, plus a very interesting collection of spares.

And great to see Nicís GT, and enjoy a discussion with some Mustang owners who said that his car was an Australian Mustang, and 90% of its parts were Mustang too.

As can be seen, we were also well supported by the HSV owners club, plus John brought,as last year, his FB Holden, and two Australian Chargers were there also.

The HSV club stand.

Johnís FB Holden

Terryís VH Charger

James and Lauraís VJ Charger

Many thanks to Adam Ford of the Mopar Muscle Association who took the excellent photos above for us.

And here are the two U.K. sold XY Fairmont station wagons together. Thanks to Matt for the pictures.

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