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American Auto Club Summernationals 2003

Billing Aquadrome, Northampton

The first gathering of some AFRUK members took place at the American Auto Clubs Summer Nationals event at Billing Aquadrome, near Northampton on the Sunday of 15th June, 2003. I would like to thank all those members who came, with or without cars, to have a chat, show off their vehicles and or just see quite what it was all about. It was nicely fitting that our gathering took place on this day, as simultaneously across the Atlantic at Fordís headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, they were celebrating Fordís 100th birthday.

Thanks then to Adrian with the Interceptor; Nick S. with the Cobra; Stuart with the XB Fairmont; Roger with the ZF Fairlane; and Katie with the XY Fairmont wagon. Also, John, Nigel and Nick H who came along to support us without cars and say hello, plus Paul, who suffered brake problems with his XA coupe the day before and was unable to fix them in time to join us.

Here are some photos from the day

The coupes - compare and contrast

Stuart and Roger flying the flag

Katie brought her brother Mattís XY Fairmont wagon and stories of riding around in their fatherís similar XY back in the mid seventies. Incredibly, a couple came up to her and said that they own an XY wagon in identical colours too. Hopefully, they will get in touch with us.

Stuartís 302ci Cleveland, an engine unique to Ford Australia

Rogerís 351ci Cleveland engine

A couple of other Australian Fords were spotted too

An XM ute

And an XB Falcon four door with a 302ci Cleveland

Plus, under the auspices of the Australian car Clubs Association

Johnís FK and Robís EH Holden, as seen above, a VP Commodore wagon, a VY ute and an HSV Commodore GTS

And Mikeís VH770 Chrysler Charger

A little piece of Australia before the estimated 5000 U.S. cars arrived

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