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The Bathurst Bash

On 4th October, 2003, the Ace Cafe in London, well known and popular as a venue for meetings and gatherings, held their inaugural Bathurst Bash, a celebration of things automotive from Australia and the Commonwealth. It was also used as a chance for the various marque owners within the AusCCA to get together and talk southern hemisphere motoring, and, no doubt, explain quite why one marque is better than the other.

Here are some photos

And, representing South African, a CanAm Firenza.

A mild and unassuming Vauxhall you may say ? Until you notice that the badge on the grille says Chevrolet; you learn that Chevrolet ZA built only 100 of them to homologate them to go circuit racing and you find that they put this -

A 302ci Z28 Chevrolet engine under the bonnet.

Many thanks to all the owners and enthusiasts that showed up - the white Valiant came from Edinburgh - and made the day enjoyable and rewarding.

It is also worth noting that this event will be repeated next year, and the Ace Cafe is organising another Australian event for the 25th of January, 2004 to celebrate Australia Day. More details are available at their website

You could take the high speed taxi !

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