Here are some exterior details of Matt’s car.

Falcon 500 chrome trim on the rear panel.

Boot badge.


Petrol cap.

Inside the petrol cap. Note that although this is a 1976 XB, it has ‘XA Falcon’ stamped in it.

Inside the boot, which on this car appears to be factory painted black, whereas most Falcons have the boot area painted body colour.

The jack bag, which appears to be made from white seat vinyl.

The heated rear window.

And heated rear window glass markings.

Under the front wing, looking forward, showing the brace for the lower wing.

Vinyl roof grain.

Tyre information on the door jamb.


One interesting difference between XB’s and late XA’s was the addition of a ‘chassis’ rail underneath the car, running backwards from the engine bulkhead.



The difference

The extra rail was added to stiffen the body of the car.

Here are another couple of photos to show the ‘frame’ rails.

This is an XW Falcon, showing the ‘single’ set of ‘rails’.

And this is a late XA showing the extra, or double, set of ‘rails’.

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