XT wagon

Tony sent us some pictures from Australia of this lovely XT Fairmont atation wagon that he bought In February, 2006. The previous owner had bought it in 1971, and it had sat off the road for seven years before Tony purchased it. It is a lovely old car in nice original condition and worth recording.

XT Fairmont hubcaps

The blue Fairmont centre grille badge

It is an interesting fact that, for the XT model, nowhere on the exterior of the car did it say ‘Ford’.

No horn ring on the steering wheel.

The dash mounted switch for the electric tail gate window.

The Fairmont only tail gate light.

The dash - radio

The dash - heater

The dash - instruments

The dash - ignition

The tail gate


Original sun visor

302W engine - note the upper cylinder lubricant bottle at the front of the inner wing

The original dealer sticker

Thanks for sending us the photos Tony. We hope you enjoy the car.

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