Engine - bonnet

Engine details

Air cleaner

The air cleaner in place showing the hose to the PCV valve and the silver hose to the charcoal canister.

And under that larger air cleaner ? A relatively small carb. Note the ‘Power by Ford’ stamping on the rocker cover.

Staying with the drivers side of the engine, here is the rear side of it, showing the starter, engine mount and exhaust downpipe.

And the inlet and exhaust manifolds, showing the firing order on the inlet - which was integral to the head - and the Australian part number on the exhaust manifold.

And on the other side, we have, at the front of the engine, the distributor, oil filter,fuel pump and coil.

And near the back, beyond the coil, the engine casting number.

And underneath.


The F.O.R.D. letters.

And the rather strange hole arrangement for the mounting studs and nuts.

The bonnet vents

The part number

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