XA Falcon

Nic bought this wild XA Falcon hardtop through the builders of some of the best known Mad Max Interceptor replicas in Australia.

Its previous owner spent many months building the car, only to find that when he got it on the road he was attracting the wrong sort of attention from the police. So he parked the car up a number of years then decided to sell it.

Nic found out about it and had it put in a box and sent to himself.

Where it now finds itself in the U.K.

And very keen to put this to use.

The car has been built with all the best of performance parts.

It should be interesting.

1972 XAGS Fairmount Falcon Coupe

Engine :-
351 Cleveland running Ported and Polished 4V Heads with Stainless Steel Valves

BRC Roller Rockers

Triple Valve Springs

HO pushrods and HO retainers, Solid Lifters

Crane Cam with Forged 11:1 Pistons

Mellings Oil Pump

Mallory 4 Lobe Distributor

Edelbrock Torker Manifold

800 Double pumper

Hurricane Extractors

Holly Fuel Pumps

and to top all that off a Madden Nitrous Oxide Injection System

Gearbox :-
Toploader with McLeod 11 1/2 inch clutch

Mr Gasket Bangshifter

Diff :-
9 inch with 4.11:1 LSD Gears

Monza Red


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