XB Fairmont

Paul came and saw us at the Billing show in June, 2003 with his 1975 XB Fairmont.

He has an interesting story about the car having discovered it abandoned in a car park, and still on its Western Australia number plates, at Heathrow airport in October, 1993. It had been sitting since November, 1991. He only had to pay import duties and a release fee to Heathrow Airports Ltd to acquire the car and says it has been a great reliable runner since then.

Proof again that the cars are still out there.

Some recent - 15/5/06 - photos of Paulís car.

Rear wheels are now 10 x 15s with 275/60 tyres, and fronts are 8 x 15s with 225/60 tyres. Also, the engine now has a 600cfm, four barrel Holley and an Edelbrock Performer inlet manifold.

Paulís car has now acquired a hood scoop, and is still in daily use, including the school run.

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