XY wagon

We were contacted by Steve regarding the XY Fairmont station wagon that his father bought new and which he is now hoping to restore. The car was driven into storage in 1995 and Steve’s father sadly passed away the following year. Matt, who owns one of the other XY wagons, and whose father also bought and used them as everyday cars recently went to see Steve and the car.

The car was bought new at Highbury Corner, through the dealer, Gates of Woodford. Steve is hoping to move the car to Hertford when he moves there later in the year, and Matt will be helping him extricate it then, so hopefully we will have more photos then.

It is quite intriguing that we now have three XY Fairmont station wagons on the Register, plus others that have been known about through the years since they were new. They appear to have been popular and well regarded cars, and being wagons which tend to be used as workhorses, their survival is even more amazing.

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