Here is a very interesting car, and an interesting story. Wayne used to own the ZF Fairlane, now currently owned by Roger, here in the U.K. but he went back to Australia a few years ago. However, changed circumstances meant that he decided to return to the U.K. and having brought the ZF before, he decided to bring something else with him this time too.

The car is a September, 1976 Ford Falcon XC GXL. You may remember that there were no GT Falcon’s in the XC model range. Falling sales of the XB GT had decided Ford not to build an XC GT, and yet, there were a percentage of buyers who wanted a performance Falcon, a percentage that Ford could not afford to ignore. Hence the GXL, which was - especially when specced as Wayne’s is - a GT in all but name. And, perhaps the name was even an end run around the insurance companies who would have been all over a ‘GT’ like bad rash, but who thought that a GXL was just a luxury Falcon.

Here, in Wayne’s words, is a descripion of his car:

The car is as follows:-

Engine No:- JG32SL52183K

Chassis No:- JG32SL52183K

Interior Code:- B (Black)

Engine Code:- K (351 4V)

Colour:- Flame Red

Transmission:- FMX 3 Speed Automatic

Differential:- 9" Disc Brake Limited Slip

Factory Options:-

Wind Back Sunroof

Front and Rear Sway Bars (¾")

T Bar Floor Shift

Air Conditioning

Power Steering

Black Vinyl Roof

Factory Tape Player

Full Instrumentation (Speedometer, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Temperature and Fuel)

Single exhaust system 2¼" Through system.

Additional Extras:-

Extra Oil Pressure Gauge (VDO)

Oil Temperature Gauge (VDO)

CD Player 6 speakers

Dual Fuel - Unleaded and LPG (with no external body modifications to ruin the aesthetics of the car. The gas filler is behind the rear number plate. It uses an XD Falcon rear plate mounting which is on springs).

3 point Immobiliser c/w remote central locking

Tinted Windows

Twin Thermo Fans

The car is pretty much as it rolled out of the factory and is a complete matching numbers car. As you probably already know the GXL was mainly optioned as the smaller 4.9 ltr (302 ci) Cleveland. The 5.8 ltr (351 ci) was not as popular during the late seventies due to insurance and fuel price reasons etc therefore the 351 option is now the most sought after. This GXL is also fitted with the full pursuit suspension option as it has the ¾" front and rear sway bars. Also Black interior was not a very popular choice of the times but is now extremely sought after.

It is great to have one of these cars in the U.K.

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