Grand Sport details - P5 LTD

Grand Sport details

Andrew, who owns the great Onyx Black Fairmont GS on the Grand Sport page, sent us some wonderful close-up photos of his car that we show below.

The dash

Note the following.

The GS badged GT steering wheel.

The extra gauges, heater-a/c controls and 8 track.

The additional dash vents - to the left on the dash photo at the top - for a/c equipped cars.

The 8,000rpm GT rev counter with the redline starting at 6,000rpm.

And inside too, they don’t come much rarer than this.

Trim Code ‘P’ - grey vinyl interior !

Note the wonderful period accessories.

The headlight protectors.

And the rear window sun blinds.

The car is one of only three Onyx Black 351ci V8 powered Fairmont GS’s produced, and has the optional 8 track, factory air conditioning and factory sunroof. The car was originally the personal transport of a senior Ford Australia executive for the first 8 months of its life before being owned by the same family for the next 32 years. A stunning and rare car.


And now some recent photographs of Andrew’s car after his recent trip home to Australia over the Christmas period, 2004.

The rechromed dash.

Rechromed gauges with new perspex lenses.

A visitor to the website asked why the car, which was manufactured in November, 1970, had a kph speedometer ? Andrew’s reply was that the original lady owner asked, in 1974 when the Australian’s changed to a metric system, if the dealer could fit a kph speedometer so that she wouldn’t be booked for speeding with the big 351 under the bonnet and the confusion of the new system. Sensible lady.

Rechromed air conditioning vents.

And some further shots of unusual options on the car.

Remote boot release between the drivers seat and the kick plate.

Rear window defogger. Some more details of the defogger here.

And now fitted with Bathurst Globe wheels.

And here is the letter of verification from the Ford Motor Company of Australia outlining the options and verifying the authenticity of Andrew’s GS. Ford have been issuing these letters for GT owner’s, and to get one for a GS shows just how unusual and interesting this one is.

Thanks, Andrew, for all your help, information and photos. And congratulations on owning such a great car.

Some new pictures from Andrew - Christmas, 2005.

Andrew changed the GS stripe to orange, and fitted the redline tyres to his Globe wheels.

And proof that the stripes are reflective.

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Here are some photos of a recently restored P5 LTD. These are imposing and well equipped cars with some unusual features including the hideaway headlights and the strange grilled red and amber lights set high in the rear wing.

A closer view of the side marker/indicator lamps in the rear wing.

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