We are hoping to show on this page some literature about Australian Fords, and also, some literature about Australian Chryslers, as both were advertised and sold in the U.K.

We owe a great debt of thanks to Jason Durand in Australia for sharing scans of his brochure collection for this page.

But first, something from Andrew showing the different foreign Fords that you could buy in the U.K. in 1971.

Here is an earlier Ford Imported Cars brochure, possibly from 1974 or 1975, featuring the XB Fairmont.

The 1977 Ford Imported Cars brochure which now features the XC Fairmont, in an otherwise identical format.

There now follows the 1978 Ford Personal Import Export catalogue.

We would be very interested in finding out about or acquiring any other U.K. Ford catalogues that featured Australian Fords.


Here is the cover from an Australian LTD Cartier brochure - the LTD’s were mentioned above. Notice it has an Automobile Association stamping on it, from their technical library, but also it came with a covering letter from Ford Personal Import Export.

Some U.K. magzines that featured roadtests of Australian fords

Autocar, 9th November, 1967

Custom Car Magazine, January, 1975

I am grateful to Chris, one of our Mopar friends in Scotland, for finding a copy of this magazine which has a ‘road test’ of an XB GT Falcon. It is fascinating to look back at how the car was reported about here in the U.K. within the context of the aftermath of the first ‘oil crisis’. It is also quite interesting to see what was allowed for a cover shot for a car magazine 30 years ago.

Motor magazine, 23rd November, 1974

I managed to find this magazine on ebay U.K. and features a road-test from ‘Motor’ magazine for the same car as featured in ‘Custom Car’ above. Interestingly, it shows the car in colour which appears to be Red Pepper, and it also shows the rear of the car with the U.K. spec tail-lights, which came from the Triumph Dolomite. This car also has a front spoiler, and extra, intriguing, lights on the rear valance near the exhaust tail pipes. The text is ‘interesting’ too.

Motor magazine, 29th March, 1975

Another ebay UK find.

Autocar, 30th January, 1996

Here are factory manuals, handbooks and other assorted literature for Australian Fords.

XK workshop manual

XL workshop manual

XM workshop manual

XP workshop manual

XR-XT-ZB workshop manual

ZA workshop manual

XT-ZB workshop manual

XW-ZC workshop manual

XA-ZF workshop manual

XY-ZD workshop manual

XB-ZG workshop manual

XC workshop manual

ZH workshop manual

P6 LTD workshop manual

XD workshop manual

ZJ-FC workshop manual

XE-ZK-FD workshop manual

XF-ZL-FE workshop manual

XR-XT GT manual

XW GT HO Phase2 supplement

XM owners manual

XR GT owners supplement

XW maintenance schedule

XW owners manual

XY owners manual

XY GT HO Phase3 supplement

XR owners manual

XR accessories booklet

XT owners manual

XT GT owners supplement

XT accessories booklet

XW accessories booklet

XW service manual

XY service book

XY accessories booklet

XY maintenance schedule

ZD Fairlane owners manual

XA owners manual

XA accessories booklet

XB owners manual

XA service book

XA maintenance schedule

XB service manual

XA-XB-ZF-ZG parts catalogue

XB maintenance schedule

XB accessories booklet

ZF owners manual

ZG owners manual

ZG maintenance manual

LTD - Landau owners manual

XC owners manual

ZH owners manual

XC maintenance manual

ZH maintenance manual

XD owners manual

XE owners manual

XF owners manual

The Goodyear tyre advert

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